Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pembantu Rumah Buat Seks Dengan Teman Lelaki Di Depan Anak Majikan

sumber :

STOMPer Jess was appalled to see this maid behaving intimately with her boyfriend at a park while the child in her care sat beside them.

"This was taken at the park connector beside my apartment.

"Apparently, this maid who supposedly brought the small boy out for a walk ended up with her foreign worker boyfriend.

"Both of them made out while the little boy was left alone by the side.

"I can't accept how maids can be like this nowadays.

"The young boy was left by the side to play with an umbrella while the 'couple' made out openly.

"They caught many stares but continued regardless.

"Poor innocent young boy was used by the maid to get out of the house, and not only that, was made to sit through the making out process.

"Helpers these days. Don't underestimate them."

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