Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hati-Hati Apabila Membuat Pemindahan Wang Melalui Paypal

About one month ago, paypal officially replaced their machine. At a glance, it looks like the old one in some functions, but appeared something different and if you are not careful, you will get loss.
As we know before that when we have the personal account, there will be no charge when transferringfunds to another paypal account. To be in fact, in the new machine that is used now, there is a design, which we can say it traps us.
When transferring process, we will be given the menu tab as follow:

If you are not careful, many of you continue the transaction until finished. If it’s done, thus the receiver of thefunds will not receive the entire funds because there will a deductible value. I think it will be a problem between you as the sender and receiver because the amount of fund will be deducted. The value of deductible will be based on the percentage, the more funds you send, the more deductibles will be. The example of transaction with deductible:

If it counts, the deducted transfer fee around 0,041%. If the funds transferred in a large amount, thus the deductible will be larger.How to avoid the deductible fee? The way to avoid it is when you transfer the fund, select the menu tab for personal payment and move the radio button to Others option, not online purchase.

If you do that thing, thus your transferred funds will not be deducted at all. Below is the example of transaction without deductible:

I hope this is helpful!

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